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Thanks for visiting this page. My name is Jay Seibert and I will be the new media specialist here at MMS. This page will evolve as I settle in and we get the ball rolling. For now, let me share with you my vision for a 21st century media center. 
Libraries have been the central hub of information since humans began to record the written word. The Great Library of Alexandria was the largest library of the Ancient World. No one knows exactly how many scrolls were stored there, but some estimate it was nearly 400,000. Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press in the 15th century, revolutionizing the way information is dispersed and consumed. Papyrus scrolls were replaced by leather bound books. John Dewey created a somewhat efficient way to organize that information in 1876. From ancient times to the present, libraries have essentially looked and operated in the same way. Along came the Internet and more importantly Google.
Google was founded in 1998, again revolutionizing how information is accessed and categorized. Using advanced algorithms that "learn" as users search for information, anything anyone wants to know is literally at their fingertips wherever and whenever they need it. The necessity to store this information in volumes and volumes of books on rows upon rows of shelves is obsolete. This does not mean that books are insignificant. It simply means that modern media centers have the space to be so much more than centers for content consumption. Instead, they can be centers for content production.
Much has changed from the Ancient World to the present day. If we can be sure of one thing, it is that change will continue to occur at a more and more rapid pace. However, there is one thing that has not changed. That is the innate human desire to  tell stories. This has been true since before humans even developed a formal language to communicate. At it's core, this 21st century media center is about storytelling. It's about providing the resources necessary to allow students to pursue their deepest passions and become the authors of our own fates. In middle school, these stories are just beginning to unfold. These stories have yet to be told. 
Everyone has a story. What's yours?
Join me on my social sites. Opinions are my own. 
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Welcome to Marlboro Middle School's newly renovated media center. This is just a quick tour of our facility. At it’s core, this media center is about storytelling. It’s about providing the resources necessary to allow students to pursue their deepest passions and become the authors of our own fates. These stories have yet to be told. Join us as they unfold.