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Parent and Student Resources

Parent Resources 

  • Utilize Google Classroom: Many, and, in fact, mostly all of ELA resources and assignments are posted directly onto Google Classroom. This is an easy way to see inside the classroom and get to know exactly what your child is working on, on a day-to-day basis. 
      1. Sit down with your child daily as he/she logs in through the student account. Go through each of his or her different Google Classrooms together. That way, you can keep an ongoing conversation about what is going on at school, and in return, your child will have a constant reminder to check the homework each day.
      2. Sign up for “Parent Notifications” on Google Classroom. Parents will have the option of receiving daily or weekly updates on their child’s progress through an updated email stream.
  • Encourage Reading Daily: A minimum of 20-30 minutes each night is recommended. See picture below.  

Student Resources 


Word of the Day: Mirriam-Webster 

Literary Devices


Lexile Level Finder/Book Finder by Lexile Level

Grammar Guide: Free Online Usage Rules

Purdue Online Writing Lab