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Cesar Grau » Spanish Class

Spanish Class

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¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español del Señor Grau!


Knowing Spanish will open doors to you around the world. As you study the language, you will come to understand and appreciate the way of life, customs, values, and cultures of people from many different areas. Learning the language can be fun too and it will bring you a sense of accomplishment. You will be really happy when you begin carrying on a conversation in Spanish.


In my lessons, I link perspectives of the Hispanic culture with specific practices and products to make the learning process easier. I work alongside my students to monitor their progress, promoting a student-centered classroom. You will speak, you will read, you will sing, you will play, use your creativity and have lots of fun, but in all you will be able to learn Spanish for your personal enrichment and entertainment.


Enjoy the class!