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     Learning a world language can enrich your life, help you to understand English better, and improve your career opportunities.

Since learning a world language probably is not like anything you have ever done before, here are some helpful hints on how to be a successful language learner.

  1. Studying is NOT the same as doing homework! you must study a little bit each day before you complete written assignments. Use the homework as a self-quiz to find out what you fully understand and what you need to spend more time studying.
  2. You can not learn to speak a language by only thinking about it. You also have to listen, imitate, memorize and practice.
  3. Study out loud--this will increase your proficiency.
  4. DO NOT fall behind! Steady day-by-day work is the best way to learn a language. Last minute cramming is not a possibility in a subject where each thing you learn is based on something which you learned previously.

preview! Learning is a process of forgetting a little bit, relearning it, forgetting a little bit less and relearning again and again until you've got it!

DO NOT be frustrated by not being able to express everything you would like to say. It will take time for you to be able to do in another language what you can already do in English. Be patient with yourself! Keep things fairly simple--use the structures and words that you know.

Have fun learning ESPAÑOL!

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Señora Savage