Class Policies and Procedures

Please read the attached document. When you have completed reading it, have your parents/guardians sign it and return to class by September 12.  You can also find it on Google Classroom and Sites.

Literacy Innovations Policies and Procedures


Mrs. Shoblock


        Books fuel the mind and this year you will spend your time in supplemental literacy “fueling” up!  Reading comprehension will be a key focus as will the study of vocabulary, Greek and Latin root words, and learning to expand your critical thinking skills.   Reading and writing go hand in hand; you cannot write effectively if you are not reading! It is my job this year to equip you with the tools that you need to become better readers and writers and “fuel” up your mind with a love of reading..

Classroom Procedures:

  •       Come into class and sit in your assigned seat before the final bell.
  •       Place your materials under the desk or in the seat sack on your chair.
  •       Copy your Homework in your agenda when assigned.
  •       Begin Do Now.


        EVERYDAY you are expected to bring with you to class:

1)    Pencils

2)    Journal - SEPARATE from your class notes which will be kept in a folder.  A composition notebook will work best.  

4)    Sticky pads

5)   Highlighters- one of each color. Green, blue, pink, yellow.

6)   Independent Reading Book - You may sign out a book from the class library or you may bring a book from home.


        Grading procedures are in accordance with Marlboro Middle School Policy. I believe in varying assessments according to student strengths. Therefore, grades are calculated using not only traditional tests, but also creative projects, study tools, flipcharts, homework, and graphic organizers. In order to help students learn organization and responsibility they will also be graded on a binder check at the end of every marking period.


        Homework will be assigned on an as needed basis, usually if you did not complete your classwork.  It is also recommended that you read at least 15 minutes each evening to improve your fluency and comprehension skills. Just like an athlete, practice helps you to become better at reading.


        Use the bathroom facilities in moderation and without interrupting your teachers or classmates.

On/Off task:

        Sometimes a student may get off task and become disruptive during class or break a class rule.  Instead of calling that student’s name and interrupting the lesson, I prefer a non-verbal cue such as color-coded cards.  If you are off task I will place a yellow card on your desk as a non-verbal warning.  If you really cannot stay on task and the teacher has to acknowledge you a second time, a green card will be placed on your desk and the student will conference with the teacher at an appropriate time and develop an action plan to remain on task.  I can’t imagine anyone would be so off task and require a third warning, or pink card, which will result in a phone call home to your parents or guardian. Card colors are posted in the class so you can refer to them whenever you may feel yourself getting a bit wiggly.


        If you miss a class for any reason, you can find your work in the absent folder.  See the teacher or ask a fellow student for assistance.

Please complete the information sheet below with your parents/guardians and return by

Wednesday, September 12.

Mrs. Shoblock

Information Sheet

Student Name: _______________________________                               Team: ____________

Days____________________      Period____________


I have read and discussed all of the policies and procedures on this handout with my child.

Parent’s/Guardian’s Name__________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature_______________________________________

Student’s Name__________________________________________________

Student’s Signature_______________________________________________

Other Important Information:

Best phone number to contact parent:  _______________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Preferred method of contact (check one):  phone_____________ email ______________

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