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Ms. Kearney's Home Page

Ms. Kearney's Health & Physical Education Page


You have reached Ms. Kearney's webpage.   I hope to have a wonderful, fun-filled year of health and physical education. 


Health Education Throughout the year:

Students will have health 2 days out of a 6 day rotation schedule.  Students will be responsible for what they miss in class and it is THEIR responsibility to see Ms. Kearney and ask for the make-up/missed work.  All notes and information for that class can be found on the linked pages.***



Physical Education Throughout the year:

Student will have physical education 3 days out of a 6 day rotation schedule (not counting any pullouts).  Students in physical education will be participating in a variety of activities.  These activities will encourage the students to work together, improve upon their previously learned knowledge, foster and develop their social skills and do their best and have fun!


Emphasis will be placed on participation in the activity and not on mastery of skills.  This will allow for all students to enjoy activities while learning and improving upon a skill.


Such activities will include but are not limited to: soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, handball, speedball, indoor soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, badminton, fitness activities, softball, and kickball.  


 ~Ms. Kearney~


If you have any questions or concerns please email me at